Sep 2, 2011

Preface - Navratri 2010

Naive as I am to blogging, I didn't knew how to begin and with what. And yet, here I am because I had access to the superb collection of photos by our
Sameer Shah - whose photos provided backbone of the unique theme for us the previous year.
I expect him to cover the event in his own way - from the participants to the spectators throbbing live the arena this year, too and let me present the glimpses here - BESIDES all that matters in the celebrations.  

Glimpses of Events - 2011

Daily Specials - as evinced by the organising committe to be finalised later.

On 28th Sept : Married Couple
On 29th Sept : Tali Ras
On 30th Sept : Parent-Child
On 1st Oct     : Under 12
On 2nd Oct    : Married Couple
On 3rd Oct     : Indo-Western Groups
On 4th Oct     : Hinch & Seniors
On 5th Oct     : New Group Event
On 6th Oct     : Final, Champion of Champions and Chokdi.

Important Rules/Conditions:

We are commited to abide by prevalent laws restraining use of speaker systems and hence the programme would surely start at 09:00 PM during the event days.

Everyone - member, player and guest needs to display on his/her person valid Identity Card/ invitation Card. To avoid congestion (overcrowding), the club is determined to limit issuance of Invitation Cards (which entitles guest to enter the club premises). As such, please get the guest invitation card during 4:00 to 6:00 PM from the club office.

PS:  If we as members realise that such events are always co-hosted by each one of us for our own participation and enjoyment", no rule, no limitation, no restriction would ever hurt us. 

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